About My Book

“Jacob’s Journal – My Journey Home”

When I first learned of my son’s diagnosis when I was four months pregnant, I knew that I wanted to document everything.

Being a first-time mom and knowing that there was going to be a lot of medical information told to us, I decided I wanted to keep a journal.

So I kept a journal, documenting all the different procedures, medicines and day-by-day events that lead up to my son’s first surgery at 16 days old.

After we got home and a whole new routine of therapies and doctor visits took place I still kept my journal, well as best I could.

So I decided I wanted to write a book to share our story with other parents who were given the news that their child will have a disability.

This story is unique in the way I wrote it, since I chose to write it as if my son was telling the story. This story will take you on an incredible faith-filled journey as a family enters the world of having a child with special needs.

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